Stalls will only be confirmed as booked when:

1. The application has been downloaded from this website, completed in full and submitted to our stalls convenor for consideration. This is done by clicking the “DOWNLOAD FORM” link at the foot of this page, completing the “Stall Application Form” and submitting it by eMail, as indicated on the form,

2. Proof of payment (in full) has been received by Ulysses Garden Route,

3. The “Stall Application Form” is to be completed and submitted no later than 16th April 2018. This is the LATEST you can apply for a stall. You may apply earlier – in fact, the earlier the better!

4. You will receive confirmation from us that your stall has either been approved or rejected. Once we have notified you that we have accepted your stall application, you will need to make payment for your stall before 30th April 2018.

5. The latest date that we will accept payments for stalls is the 30th April 2018. If you have not paid by then – you WILL NOT have a stall at the 2018 Whale Rally!


Exclusivity is NOT guaranteed – there is a possibility that more than one vendor of a type may be present at the rally. You are responsible to structure your prices competitively.

We have promised our entrants the best value for money at the Whale Rally, and we expect your stall to comply.

Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.  Your application will not guarantee you a stall at the rally.

The organisers of the Whale Rally reserve the right to reject any stall application for any reason!


By clicking on the “Download Form” button at the foot of this page, downloading, printing it, completing & submitting your application to run a stall at the 2018 Whale Rally, you:

1. Acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions as provided below.

2. Further acknowledge that your submission of the application form as well as the information provided to and by you on the form, constitutes the/your full agreement and full understanding and compliance of these terms and conditions, as contained here.


A stall fee of R600 per stall (size 3mt x 3mt) requested by you & allocated to you shall be required. IMPORTANT – stalls are rented in blocks of 3mt x 3mt – if you require more than that, you will be required to pay additional, for example if you require a 6mt stall frontage – you will need to pay for two 3mt x 3mt stalls! If you need a 9mt stall frontage, you will need to pay for 3 stalls! Stalls MAY NOT be more than 3mt deep. Should you exceed the stall frontage you have paid for, you WILL be charged an extra R200/mt at the rally. If this is not clear to you, please call the stalls convenor.

No application or booking will be confirmed until this is paid. Cut-off date for your stall application is 16th April 2018. Cut-off date for payment of your FULL stall fee is 30th April 2018. Please deposit into the following account:

ABSA Bank (Branch code 334-214)
Account name: Ulysses Garden Route.
Account Number: 917 576 5188

Proof of payment to be faxed to 086 403 5635.


Stalls are to be erected on Thursday 14 June 2018, and be fully operational during the following hours (Other trading is at your own discretion):

  1. Friday 15 June 2018 – From 08h00 till at least 22h00
  2. Saturday 16 June 2018 – From 06h00 till at least 22h00
  3. Sunday 17 June 2018 – Trading at own discretion, but we expect the food stalls to at least be  available for breakfast from about 06h00 till at least 09h00.


Each stall holder will be allowed 1 vehicle and trailer/caravan on the grounds. Additional vehicle passes will be issued at R100 each.

Each Stall holder will be allowed 3 adults entry into the site. Additional permits will be issued after approval of the organizers and will entail an extra charge of R200 per person.

FULL details of ALL assistants are to be provided to the organizers NO LATER THAN THE 1st June 2018. NO EXCEPTIONS. People not organized to enter to your stall once the rally has started will be charged the FULL rally entry fee.

Stall holders are requested to provide their own fire extinguishers. We will ask you to show us your extinguisher when you arrive at the rally site. In addition, there will be an inspection by the Local Municipal fire department on Thursday evening. Your stall will not be placed on site without a suitable fire extinguisher.

You will also be required to show all the relevant & up-to-date documentation that will be required by the Health Department. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO MAKE AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION A PERMIT SHOWING THAT YOUR CARAVAN, TRAILER, ETC IS ACCEPTABLE & SUITABLE FOR USE AS A FOOD PREMISES!

Electrical connections are to be organized with the site owner – not the organisers of the rally.

The Rally Organisers will NOT be held responsible for any theft, loss or damage during the setup, running or breaking down of your stall. Your property, you insure it!

If you need to have deliveries made during the rally, details of these must be provided to the Rally Organisers BEFORE COMMENCEMENT of the rally, NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

The Rally Organisers reserve the right to move and place your stall as necessary.

Once again, you acknowledge that by downloading, completing, signing & submitting the “Stall Application Form”, that you have read, understand and agree to these terms and conditions.


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